Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just plain stupid
I call this shooting off your mouth without checking first to see if it's loaded. This is Sen. Brownback on Face the Nation talking about the possibility of the government allowing funding for some embryonic stem cell research.
This is a big step. This will be one of, I believe, the first time we've ever used taxpayer money to pay for the intentional destruction of human life and that's what this does.

Because every war we've ever waged, every law enforcement agency, and the death penalty have been provided free of cost by the private sector. In the entire history of the republic, no taxpayer money has ever been used to intentionally take a human life.

This has nothing to do with how you feel about embryonic stem cell research or the justifiability of any death ever caused by the three applications I just mentioned. The simple fact is that taxes have been used to pay for lots of human deaths over the years. Any debator beyond about the eighth grade should know better than to make a undefendable, blanket statement this stupid.

Florida must be happy that Kansas' politicians are giving them a run for most embarassing in the nation.

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