Thursday, July 28, 2005

Important questions
By now, you all know that the global war on terror (GWOT) has been rebranded as the global struggle against violent extremism (GSAVE). This raises a number of important questions:
  • Is GWOT over? Who won?
  • What about campaign ribbons for the troops? I believe the Penatgon issued two ribbons for GWOT (Afghan front and Iraqi front). Do the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq get a second ribbon for participating in GSAVE too?
  • Now that it's not a war, does that mean law enforcement is no longer a dirty word? Will the administration be apologising to police and other law enforcement professionals for sneering at their profession these last four years?
  • Does this mean the administration will really oppose all violent extremists and their sponsors? Can we look forward to the Florida Air National Guard bombing Randall Terry into the stone age the next time a Planned Parenthood clinic is attacked?
  • What about parades? Do we get to hold GWOT victory parades? If Vietnam taught us anything, it's that parades are important.

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