Monday, June 20, 2005

How do you score this one?
Teevee lawyers always know their trial score, "He's never lost a case for a paying client." I don't know if real lawyers do that, but if they do, what are the rules on something like this?
The Supreme Court on Monday ordered a new trial for a Pennsylvania death row inmate in a 17-year-old murder case, ruling that his attorney was sloppy in failing to investigate possible evidence of mental retardation.

So, the lawyer lost the case in trial (that's bad), but it was thrown out on appeal (that's good), the grounds that the lawyer was incompetent (bad again). I don't think that one goes in the win or lose column. Is there a third column, or does the lawyer just pretend it never happened and hope no one notices? More seriously, if someone is condemned by the Supreme Court as an incompetent, does the local bar association take notice?

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