Sunday, March 20, 2005

Majikthise is calling for a blogswarm in reaction to the transparently political interjection of the Republican majority in Congress into the Schiavo case.

Their motives are despicably impure: Tom DeLay wants to draw attention away from his ethics problems and the White House wants to drew attention away from the failure of President Bush's plans to gut Social Security. Their sudden discovery that baseball players were taking steroids didn't do the trick, so they have turned to an issue that Jeb Bush has been disgustingly manipulating for the past year.

They are shamelessly exploiting one family's personal tragedy to make points with their core supporters. Meanwhile, they don't care if they demonize and destroy a man who has struggled with this case for fifteen years.

They are undermining the Constitution. They are using the legislative process to interfere with the judicial process. Article One, Section Nine specifically forbids passing laws that punish or benefit an individual. Laws should deal with general principles. In passing a patently illegal law, they are encouraging disrespect and contempt for the very principle of rule of law.

Their cynical manipulation of our norms of government rises far beyond any levels that I've ever seen in my life. And I remember Nixon.

Write to your paper. Write to your congresspersons. Write to the national media. We are literally fighting for the future of the republic.

Majikthise has addresses.

Have I mentioned lately that I really hate these guys?

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