Thursday, February 24, 2005

Koufax awards
The 2004 Koufax Awards were announced yesterday over at Wampum. Tragically, archy was overlooked in every single category. I'll be launching a big self-pittying rant later on to blame the big bloggers for not linking to me.

Not everyone I voted for won an award, but all of the winners are deserving. Just reading the nominees added a few new daily stops to my reading list. I'm most pleased that my friend David Neiwert won another Best Series Kofax award for his essay "The Rise of Pseudo Fascism." This is my chance to try and cop some reflected glory because I knew David when. Seriously, David's two fascism essays should be required reading for all of us

It's not too late to go drop a few nickels in the tip jar Wampum tip jar. They not only spend a lot of time managing these awards, but they also take a serious financial hit because of the server traffic (something those of us who whine about wanting more traffic should consider). After you do that, go congratulate the winners and check out the runners up. Then come back here and pump up my traffic numbers.

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