Tuesday, January 25, 2005

No on Gonzales
Kos has a No on Gonzales petition of sorts. I'm on board.
With this nomination, we have arrived at a crossroads as a nation. Now is the time for all citizens of conscience to stand up and take responsibility for what the world saw, and, truly, much that we have not seen, at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere. We oppose the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General of the United States, and we urge the Senate to reject him.

I've already blogged about Gonzales and why I think is wrong for America here, here, and here.The election of George Bush last November was seen by the world as a vote of confidence in everything he has done to destroy our credibility. If there is anyone out there who is still inclined to give us the benefit of the doubt, confirming Gonzales will let them know their worst suspicions about America were right.

A vote for Gonzales is a vote for torture. It's that simple. Vote no.

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