Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bush family values
Mustang Bobby points us to another example compassion from America's first family.

Gov. Jeb Bush on Tuesday unveiled a proposed $61.6 billion state spending plan that would cut taxes paid by Florida's wealthiest while hitting students with higher tuition, cutting medical services to the state's neediest and providing little new money for public schools.


"I believe this is a common-sense budget based on sound conservative principles," Bush said.

Local advocates, meanwhile, blasted the governor's call to reduce $398 million in spending on the Medically Needy program, which provides medical services and prescription drugs for nearly 36,000 sick Floridians who can't get insurance coverage.

"I can't understand why they want to keep throwing away lives to give somebody a tax break," said Bill Rettinger of Hollywood, a severe asthmatic and bone transplant patient who has been in the Medically Needy program since 1999. "I can't understand that mind-set, where 36,000 are expendable but a $136 million ... tax break isn't."

Reward the rich at the expense of everyone else. Now them's values.

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