Saturday, December 04, 2004

Thanks, Tommy
Yesterday, Tommy Thompson announced that he too will be leaving the Bush cabinet. At his press conference, Thompson said, "For the life of me," he said, "I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply because it is so easy to do." I think most of us in Left Blogistan had the same reaction, which was something along the lines of, "Thanks, Tommy. I needed some motivation to get work on that vegtable garden I've been planning." My clever wife had a different take. "Maybe," she said, "he's been trying to send a message to the administration and this is the only way he could get them to listen." This, of course, raises the question, how come I'm the one writing the blog and she isn't?

In a related story, the administration announced that Donald Rumsfeld will be staying at the Defense Department, thus ruining my breakfast.

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