Friday, December 10, 2004

Rush didn't get the memo...
...or maybe he did. When Bush said he did not blame the soldiers for complaining about being sent into combat with out adequate equipment, did he mean no one should blame the soldiers or was he ordering his proxies into action (wink-wink)? Bryant at Make Me a Commentator caught Rush Limbaugh blaming the troops.
And what struck me odd about this was those of us who have employees, we all have meetings with them and we all let them blow off steam, but we do it in private. . . . You just don't see that kind of near insubordination among rank and file military to the secretary of defense.

Even Rush can't go all out against the troops. Fortunately, he found a way to blame this all on a liberal. Matt Drudge is pushing an unsourced e-mail that proves a reporter fed the question to Spfc. Wilson. You see, all reporters are liberals, and all liberals hate America, so the question could not have been valid in any way. It was a liberal plot to hurt America.

Meanwhile, Pig Edward says all that really needs to be said about the whole business.
I don't care who it is, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Constitution Party in the White House; no Defense Secretary and certainly no President sends our troops into harms' way without the best weaponry and armor available. Period. And if I'm the President, the day I hear my Defense Secretary effectively say to the troops "I don't care if you're dying and losing limbs and suffering brain injuries because we didn't give you adequate armor to do the job" is the day I hold a press conference and fire his ass in front of the entire world.

Of course he's a gutless, America-hating liberal who’s not serious about our defense (just like Bryant, the reporter, and me) so you probably shouldn't listen to him.

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