Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Canadians are laughing at us
Stephan Notley can be so cruel.
Every since the US election I've just been wondering. Now that the Bushites have their "mandate", which of their criminally foolish ambitions were they gonna go after first? Was it gonna be an invasion of Iran or Syria, in open defiance of the fact that they don't have the necessary troops and equipment to do it? Or would they plow ahead domestically with their privatize-Social Security/bankrupt-America plan in plain defiance of economic logic? Looks like it's door #2, which makes sense since it doesn't require coming up with 100,000 new soldiers. When world confidence in America, its leadership and its dollar is close to an all-time low, what could be better than borrowing $2 trillion to finance a scheme to reroute Social Security money through the financial industry? Brilliant, I say! Brilliant!

And we gotta put up with four years of this...

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