Monday, November 01, 2004

Some advice
I'm voting on election day. My state allows early voting, but I like election days so I'm going in tomorrow. Here are some tips on how to make the best of election day.

  • Protect your rights. Bring your voter registration card. Bring a picture ID; a driver's license, state ID, or US Passport is best. Bring something that will confirm your address; a utility bill with an address that confirms your registration is best.

  • Help others vote. If you drive, volunteer to give others a ride. Volunteer to cover your co-workers so they can leave early or come in late. If you plan to take the day off, go to a senior center or campaign headquarters and offer to give rides. Be an information center. Debunk the rumors about who can and cannot vote.

  • Improve the atmosphere. No matter how long the lines are, don't bitch. Smile. Make jokes. Talk to the other people in line. Be sure to thank the poll workers and treat them like human beings, especially if it's miserable experience. In my neighborhood they usually have a table of cookies and coffee. I'm planning to bring a bag of cookies to contribute.

  • Don't let the bastards get away with anything. Bring a camera. If you see poll challengers, take their pictures. Demand to see their ID. Take notes. If you see fake protestors of the "Communists for Kerry" sort, take their pictures. Even if there is no film or memory in the camera, pop the flash in their face. Most dirty tricksters want to remain anonymous. Don't start a fight. Don't give them any ammunition to use against us. Just let them know we're watching.

Have fun.

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