Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm not dead yet
The burnout finally caught up with me. For the last few days I've barely been able to look at the news. I tried starting a half-dozen posts and couldn't finish any of them. Yesterday I didn't even turn on the computer. At about 8:30 on of the cats told me to go to bed. It was the first full night's sleep I've had in two weeks. Today, I'm marginally alive again and ready to insult the leaders of the free world again.

Starting about a month before the election, there was a lot of talk around the blogosphere--both online and off--about what would happen after the election. Not what would happen politically to America and the world, but what would happen to the Blogistans, to individual blogs, bloggers, and groups.

It appears that political Blogistan is here to stay; we are not just an election or war generated fad, as many in the professional news media seem to hope. Sure, some bloggers have become discouraged or burned out and quit, but a regular reinfusion of new blood has arrived in the form of new bloggers inspired by the dreary prospect of four more years of right-wing triumphalism. Watch the blog roll on the left, over the next few weeks I'll be cleaning it up, removing some of our tragically fallen comrades and adding some interesting new friends.

As for myself... Look at the logo up top. When I created the archy,I defined my mandate as "politics, fringe watching, and stuff." For most the life of the blog I've had lots of politics, some stuff, and very little fringe watching. I had hoped that the election would allow me to bring that a little more into balance. I still plan to do that to a degree, but expect politics to hog a disproportionate amount of space for the foreseeable future. My other post election hope was to work on some collaborative projects with the other fine bloggers I've come to know. I don't contribute nearly as much to From the Trenches or Liberal Coalition as I should. That will change.

Stick around. In politics, the struggle never ends. In blogging, the adventure has just begun. It should be interesting, maybe even fun.

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