Thursday, October 21, 2004

Things I never thought I would say
I hate the position this administration puts me in. I frequently find myself making comparisons to Reagan and Nixon where those two black-hearted bastards come out on top.

Remember Reagan press conferences? When Ronald Reagan gave press conferences, he would often say things that were mind numbingly stupid or out right terrifying. Then Reagan would amble off the stage and, before the reporters were allowed to leave, some poor spokesperson would rush out and explain what the president really meant to say.

The Bush adminstration avoids that problem by simply not having press conferences. Even so, sometimes someone creates an awkward moment for them by actually quoting the president's stupid or frightening words.

This would have been a problem for the Reagan team because they were part of the reality based community-- See? There I go. In order to make a point about Bush, I have to comparatively praise Reagan's connection to reality. This is just wrong.

Where was I? Oh, yes. The Bush team has no problem with this. They just deny it happened. Pat Robertson says Bush told him ther would be no casualties in invading Iraq.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan responds, "Of course, the president never made such a comment."

Bush advisor, debate coach, and surrogate mommy Karen Hughes replys, "I'm certain that the president did not say that remark."

Conservative blogger Orrin Judd explains that compaired to the invasion of Germany in 1944 a thousand dead is nothing.

And so I pine for the days of Reagan's honesty, openness, and firm grip on reality. My head hurts.

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