Friday, October 22, 2004

Made you look
I hate the media when they give credence to ideas that are intentionally misleading and just plain wrong. In the name of the current style of false objectivity, too many news and information outlets treat politically motivated academic "contraversies" as real and give them free publicity. The news media usually know better than to provide a platform for Holocaust deniers, but often fail to apply the same standard to greenhouse skeptics and creationists. By covering these false controversies, they give unwitting support to the political agendas of the anti-science groups.

I was heartbroken to open my mail today and see the cover of the new National Geographic and read "Was Darwin Wrong?" "No!" I cried, frigtening the cats, "The bastards got to National Geographic!"

With a sinking heart, I flipped to the inside and found the answer to their question in quarter-page tall capital letters, "NO," and in only slightly smaller print, "The evidence for evolution is overwhelming." This is followed by a good article by David Quammen. I feel much better now.

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