Friday, October 01, 2004

Two media organizations got scammed by Republican organizers posing as "undecided" voters in their debate coverage. Jesus' General caught one on a CNN's "American Morning." Edward Martos, a graduate student who they interviewed at the University of Miami is actually a prominent member of the local branch of the College Republicans. Even more outrageous, Josh Marshall noticed that one of the members of a panel of "undecideds" put together by the Miami Herald and a local TV to watch the debate is actually a paid Republican political consultant. How did Marshall discover this? The Herald mentions it in the article. Did these two Miami Republicans come up with this on their own, independent of each other and the party, or is this a coordinated effort to game the system for some extra spin? If so, at what level was this planned? Miami? Florida? National? And why were the press so incompetent in letting this happen?

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