Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Cheap shot possibility
Last night Cheney's most effective line was that this was the first time he had met Edwards. By this morning the gang had documented at least three previous occasions where they have met. For a February 2001 prayer breakfast we have a video of the two together and Cheney welcoming Edwards by name. We also have a video of Elizabeth Dole's swearing in to the Senate. Edwards escorted her and Cheney administered the oath. Finally, Tim Russert claims they met back stage at his show and shook hands. These could all be taken as evidence that Cheney is lying liar. Or we could take him at his word that last night was the first time he remembers meeting Edwards. During all of his well documented heart problems has brain ever had to go without oxygen for any length of time? Maybe the poor boy isn't all there. The humane thing to do at this point would be to send him home to rest under the kind care of Lynne.

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