Friday, August 13, 2004

Who are these people?
My wife gets the Gallup press releases every morning at her work e-mail. Several jobs and e-mail accounts ago, I did too; now I let her triage them for me. Today she came up with a great question.

The latest horserace poll has these numbers: In the the straight Bush/Kerry match-up, 50-47. In a Bush/Kerry/Nader match-up, 48-46-3. I've noticed the same pattern in other Gallup polls and in polls from other firms. Nader doesn't draw just from Kerry, he draws from both sides (something Nader has always claimed, but who listens to anything Nader says anymore?). So who are these voters torn between Nader and Bush? What issues make them tick? Did they misunderstand the question or what?

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