Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Our ally in the War on Terrorism
You're the total autocrat of an isolated desert country. The only things your country has going for it are undeveloped oil deposits and a strategic location. But then, what else do you need? You've had a book of your sayings declared sacred scripture and placed in all the houses of worship in country. The people must pass a test on your words before they can get a drivers license. Your likeness graces giant gold statues all over the capitol and the world's largest hand-woven rug. At the beginning of every school day, the children swear an oath of allegiance to you. Grand buildings spring up at your command, including one of the world's largest mosques. Young men in your country must be clean-shaven and short-haired because that's the way you like it. What can you do next to make your mark in the world? How about building an ice palace in the desert and teaching your nomad citizens to ski?

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