Monday, August 30, 2004

Not classy
I have never subscribed to the philosophy that if you oppose a candidate you must hate their family, yea verily, even unto the seventh generation. A lot of people on the left believe this and it's practically an article of faith on the right (witness how Hilary hating has been transfered practically unchanged into Teresa hating). I don't make jokes about the Bush twins and I usually have had nice things to say about Laura. Until now.
"Do you think these swift boat ads are unfair to John Kerry?"

"Not really. There have been millions of terrible ads against my husband."

What kind of childish logic is that? "Someone, somewhere said some bad stuff about my husband, so it's okay to slime John Kerry." If she had argued that Kerry was responsible for the "terrible ads" there would be a sort of "he hit me first" logic (still childish, but logic of a sort). But she doesn't make that logic, just "George is hurting, so Kerry should hurt too." That's petty, mean-spirited, and should be beneath her.

I suppose my own reaction should be a sad shake of the head and a pious murmer about how politics brings out the worst in all of us. But I'm not in that mood. I'm going to bitch and carp.

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