Saturday, July 24, 2004

One thousand
Tresy brings up something I’ve been pondering for about a week. At the present rate of American military casualties in Iraq (about two deaths per day), we will probably lose our one thousandth soldier during or near the Republican convention (I estimate September 9). How will we recognize this unpleasant milestone? By we I mean as a country, as amateur and professional punditocracies, and as shrill Bush haters.

I think we can safely assume that the Republicans and the right-wing media machine are also aware of where the lines on the graph are pointing. If their past history is any guide, they are planning to take possession of the memory of these people and use them as a campaign prop. Bush will put on his saddest hound-dog eyes and piously proclaim for the cameras that we make sure these fine Americans did not die in vain. To do that, we must stay the course and reelect him. The slime machine will be ready to attack should any family members protest this crass exploitation.

Is there anything we can do to deny Bush this tool? Is there any way we can turn it against him without being as crassly exploitative as they would be? If we can’t, should we just hold our noses and be exploitative for the sake of getting the frat boy out of the Oval Office? We have a month to think about this.

Update: I have also published a longer and better edited version of this post at American Street.

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