Saturday, July 10, 2004

Not a coincidence
Although he has been invited to appear as a speaker, George Bush will not be speaking at the NAACP annual convention. This is the fourth consecutive year that he has failed to appear, making him the first president since Hoover to never speak before the NAACP while in office. At first the White House scheduling office said there was an unavoidable conflict and no snub was intended. I suppose that could be true. Though, in this week of amazing coincidences, it is stretching credibility to the breaking point to believe that.

Fortunately, Bush himself has come to our aid by clarifying the situation. Even though the leadership of the NAACP asked him to reconsider and guaranteed a respectful audience, Bush refused to appear. The snub is intentional.
Bush, campaigning in Pennsylvania on Friday, said he would not attend this year's NAACP event. He said his relationship with its leadership was "basically nonexistent" and he referred to being called "names" by organization members.

The leader of the free world was merely reaffirming his long-standing policy of only appearing before groups that guarantee a fawning and obsequiously favorable welcome. I’m so happy he brought dignity and honor back to the White House. I'm so glad the grown-ups are in charge. Aren’t you?

Update 1: Jesse is far more civilized about this than I am.
Now, I personally hope he doesn't go, from the same impulse that, oddly enough, also wants to see Lance Armstrong win his sixth Tour de France. It's seeing potential history in action - Armstrong could set the record for most consecutive Tours, and Bush could break his own record for lowest percentage of black votes in an election. The part of me that watches the exact same Sportscenter three times in a row is the same part that wants Bush to stand against the NAACP until he goes down in flames in November.

But that little part of me inside that's still decent and unpartisan and not bemused by the failure of politicians I don't like wants to see him go, to finally give some weight and some credibility to any of the shit that's been pouring out of his mouth the past five years or so. For once, just having him be the actual bigger man…,

Update 2: When I told my wife about this story, her response was, “Is he trying to lose? Is he trying to get out of a second term?” I recall rumors to this effect a few months ago. My feeling is that Bush became president with only three ideas in his head, 1) he should be president, 2) he should make a big tax cut, and 3) we should overthrow Saddam. I have not seen anything to convince me he ever allowed another idea in. Having done all three and discovered that being president is hard, is he looking for a way out?

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