Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Why we went to Iraq
On this side of the aisle we take a great deal of bitter amusement keeping track of all of the official reasons and “real” reasons we invaded Iraq. It was to disarm Saddam. No, it was to keep him from giving away his WMDs. No, it was to keep him from getting WMDs in the first place. No, it was to avenge 9/11. No, it was to get their oil. No, it was to demonstrate our resolve in carrying out the Bush Doctrine. No, it was to annoy the French. No, was to avenge the Kurds and Shiites he massacred over ten years ago. No, it was to avenge Bush’s daddy. No, it was to show up Bush’s daddy. No, it was to close down the torture and rape rooms. No, it was to spread democracy. No, it was to get rid of a bad person. No, it was to stabilize the region. No, it was to protect Israel. No, it was to rebuild Babylon and hurry up the apocalypse. No, it was to give lucrative contracts to Cheney’s business buddies. Okay, maybe those last few weren’t put forward as official reasons.

But the real “real” reason has been right in front of us all along. It’s mentioned in every dispatch measuring our success. Whenever conservatives chastise us for our negativity they mention the real reason.

We invaded Iraq so we could paint their schools.

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