Sunday, June 13, 2004

We used to like Tony Blair
Tony Blair’s stock has moved from merely falling to plunging with no bottom in sight.
A controversial chain of schools teaching Biblical "creationism" has been given Tony Blair's personal support despite serious doubts raised by parents and teachers, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

Mr Blair, said to be the most religious Prime Minister since Gladstone, has backed the millionaire car dealer Sir Peter Vardy in his attempt to take over seven comprehensives and turn them into Christian Academies promoting Old Testament views of the world's creation. This includes the claim that it was made in six days, 10,000 years ago. Two of Sir Peter's schools are open already, in Gateshead and Middlesbrough, and a third is under construction in Doncaster.

Young Earth Creationism?!? From a Labour government? I can't even think of a bad joke to make about this. What is going on here?

Link from The Independent on Sunday via Atrocities via Pharangula (got that?).

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