Thursday, June 03, 2004

It’s good to be the king
George Bush’s life has been one of privilege and special favors. Rules are for other people. The coming election is no change.

When the Republican Party announced that it would be holding the latest nominating convention in history so that Bush could capitalize on the deaths of 3000 people, they inadvertently put themselves beyond the filing deadline for eight states. None of those states could legally grant Bush (or the Republican Party) a place on the ballot if they haven’t nominated a candidate by that date. No problem, all eight states rushed to change their laws for George Bush’s convenience.

Except Illinois. They too tried to change their laws for George Bush’s convenience, but they didn’t rush. Now the legislature has convened without passing the necessary change to their election law. Still no problem. Gov. Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat, says, "President Bush has to be on the ballot." Blagojevich will call the Democratic majority legislature into special session—at a cost of how many million dollars—just so they can pass a special law for Bush.

Okay maybe I’m out of line saying they are making an improper special case for George Bush. I’m sure they’d make the same effort if it were the Libertarian candidate needing an extension of the filing deadline in order to stage a tasteless campaign stunt. Or the Green candidate. Or the Socialist Workers’ Party candidate.

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