Saturday, April 03, 2004

Technology is our friend
I’ve installed some nifty new bells and whistles to make archy a full-featured site.

Over on the left you’ll find the link for an RSS feed. Thanks are due Liberal Coalition colleagues Pen Elayne and the Farmer for holding my hand and walking me through the steps to make it work. If the damn Atom feed still isn't working, that's my fault.

At the bottom of the posts, you’ll see that I have finally installed comment and trackback functionality. I had resisted these till now because I didn’t want to face the cricket filled void that might be revealed if no one cared enough to comment. Thanks to years of therapy and the love of a good woman, I’m no longer scared of crickets.

Thirdly, but not leastly, I changed the archiving from weeks to months because that list of date links on the left was really getting ridiculously long.

Now if I could just make up my mind about a new color scheme, we’d have all the requirements for a new and improved archy and I could stir up hysterical public interest with a gala grand reopening.

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