Saturday, November 01, 2003

Time's up
I majored in history, not math or law, so don't take this to the bank. But by counting on all my fingers and toes, using two cats, and a chipped coffee mug full of pencils, I do belive the 72 hour deadline set by the stalker Luskin's idiot lawyer has passed. As of 10:25 PM Pacific Time both of the non-libelous posts that had Luskin whining like a kindergardener are still up with comments.

Now that he has drawn shame and ridicule upon himself and his kin, is Luskin going to 1) draw the inevitable counter-lawsuit by outing Atrios' secret identity, 2) expand his cowardly legal actions to everyone who made the same libelous remarks by repeating his own characterization of himself as a stalker, 3) shut up and hope everone forgets, or 4) grow a beard, change his name, and move to coffee plantation in Costa Rica?

PS - I am Atrios.

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