Friday, November 14, 2003

No double standards here
Let me see if I have this straight.

On Tuesday FBI agents arrested Stephen John Jordi near Miami (actually, off the coast and with the aid of the Coast Guard). The FBI watched Jordi as he bought propane tanks (full and empty), gas cans, starter fluid, flares, a pistol, and a silencer. Jordi and an FBI informant discussed using these items to blow up “abortion clinics, ‘apostate’ chucrches - a reference to churches that he felt weren’t doing enough to prevent abortions - and gay bars.” Jordi expressed admiration for doctor killer Paul Hill and clinic bomber Eric Rudolph.

The FBI were on to Jordi because his brother and other members of his church, who feared the direction he was going, turned him in. “‘He specifically asked if we felt it was biblical to blow up abortion clinics to combat those who perform abortions,’ the Rev. Jerry Williamson wrote police on Nov. 7.” Jordi’s brother-in-law says he once mentioned to a relative that he might "do something to an abortion clinic," that he is "overzealous about the Lord," but he is “not a violent person.” The authorities described him as a fanatical abortion opponent and religious activist in South Florida. He listened to gospel music, had fire-and-brimstone tattoos and even had a bumper sticker on his vehicle saying Jordi and his family "eat and sleep Jesus."

Jordi exchanged admiring letters Paul Hill over the summer, prior to the latter’s execution for the cold-blooded murder of an abortion doctor and his body guard in Pensacola. Jordi has also been associated with the Army of God. The Army of God has claimed responsibility for a number of anti-abortion acts of violence including shootings, bombings, and a wave of anthrax hoaxes in November 2001. At least one veteran terrorism authority, Fred Clarkson, has compared them to al Qaeda. "They both have a violent religious vision opposed to the government of the United States, and are going to use all means necessary to carry it out. It absolutely is a holy war, and they believe they're doing God's will."

Marcos Jimenez US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida charged Jordi with solicitation to commit a crime of violence and possession of an unregistered firearm or destructive device.

Note Mr. Jimenez’s title. He works for Attorney General John Ashcroft. This is the same Ashcroft, you will recall, who just seven weeks ago directed all of the federal prosecutors to seek maximum charges and penalties in criminal cases and to limit use of plea bargains.

Why isn’t Jordi being charged with terrorism?

This is like some very sick Rodney Dangerfield joke: “who does a white Christian have to blow up to get a terrorism charge around here?”

Note: Hesiod is also outraged by this. He has Jimenez’s phone number and website up so you can complain and demand a single standard for all terrorists.

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