Saturday, November 08, 2003

Grammar fun
Okay, grammar fans, parse this paragraph. This is a complete and unedited paragraph from Mona Charen’s column of last week as presented at the right-wing site
Have they thought this through? In the first place, Bush was hardly alone in believing Iraq possessed WMDs. All of the Democratic candidates thought so, too. As did the U.N., the British, the French (yes, the French should know, they built Saddam's first reactor back in 1981), the Russians and even Scott Ritter. He certainly possessed them in the past, and used them on the Kurds and the Iranians. And why would Bush lie about something that would so rapidly be revealed?

Does anyone really believe that former weapons inspector Scott Ritter used WMDs on the Kurds and the Iranians? On what do you base this stupid belief?

At one time most conservatives were language purists. Apparently they no longer believe in the necessity of unambiguous subject antecedents.

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