Thursday, October 30, 2003

Modern life
Technology didn't seem to like me last night. When I got home late and saw the brou-ha-ha erupting on Atrios, I banged out the below post. Not my best work, but I thought it more important to show immediate solidarity than to test each word and try to craft the final say on the topic. So, I finished the post and went to Blogger to paste it in (I always compose offline). Blogger told me they had shut down a few minutes earlier for a night of maintenance. What to do? I rushed back to Atrios to put my "me too" on post four hundred or so of one of his comment threads. I wrote a few words promising to post my blog in the morning and pressed the "send" button. I received a bold-faced message informing me that the webmaster had banned me from the site and my message would not be posted.

I don't post comments at other people's sites very often. The last two sites I tried it at gave me the same result. I can only assume that there is some evil John McKay out there annoying people. It's not like it's an uncommon name. I have a cousin, uncle, and grandfather that all share the name. From my great grandfather there is an unbroken line of John McKays heading off into the mists of medieval Scotland where they are, no doubt, complaining about the weather. If I Google my name, the first couple pages are the Seattle Federal Prosecutor, the Republican speaker of the Florida Senate, and a Tory MP from Ontario (or least he was till the last election). I don't show up till page four or so.

After a few more failed tries at Blogger and Atrios, I e-mailed a short note to the anonymous avenger and went to bed. By then it was after three on the east coast so I figured he wouldn't read it any time soon.

I woke up to my alarm radio telling me, "...she said many of the terrorists are militants..." My first thought of the was, "and the rest are moderates." Then I remembered Atrios and went downstairs to post my blog. All went well. Maybe technology likes me better today.

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