Tuesday, August 12, 2003

More on Van Impe
An intrepid reader of Atrios’ checked with Jack Van Impe’s Ministries International to get the poop on Van Impe’s claim that his is briefing Bush on his role in the end times. This is their response:
On July 7th or 8th we received a call from Justin Bush of the Office of Public Liaison for the White House asking Dr. Van Impe to attend a meeting with Dr. Condoleezza Rice and a few other faith-based leaders to discuss President Bush's "Roadmap to Peace in the Middle East.

Due to a busy taping schedule for his weekly TV program, Dr. Van Impe was not able to go to Washington for this meeting, but we told Justin Bush that he would be taping a video the following Saturday that will be sent to Dr. Rice as soon as it is finished. That tape, "The Roadmap to Peace: Potholes & Road Rage" is currently in post-production and will be sent to Dr. Rice and President Bush upon completion.

Apparently Van Impe’s claims are a bit exaggerated.

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