Tuesday, August 12, 2003

More of the same
This kind of stuff is not good for my blood pressure.
When weighing the benefits and the drawbacks of the PATRIOT Act, it is clear to most Americans that preventing future acts of terrorism is much more important than trying not to offend Muslims in this country. American Muslims should see it as their patriotic duty to undergo more intense scrutiny than the average American. It only makes sense to do so if we are serious about combating terrorism.

[...blah, blah, blah...]

Brendan Steinhauser

Executive director of The Young Conservatives of Texas

I have bitched about this before and will do so again. One of the ugliest hypocrisies in public life is the ease with which some people will announce "we must all make sacrifices for the common good" when they mean "you must make sacrifices so I'll feel more comfortable”. Powerful people, whose kin are never at risk, demand troops be put in harm’s way. Too many of those who demand tough penalties for crime change their tune when "kids from good families” are involved. And someone with the obviously Middle Eastern name of Brendan Steinhauser knows what Muslims in America should be glad to accept as their patriotic duty.

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