Sunday, August 31, 2003

Just good reporting
While buying some seed for our bird feeder at the neighborhood Fred Meyer I found myself with some extra time while the cashier tried to find a manager to void out a mistaken ring in the previous sale (the cashiers aren’t trusted to make changes). I used this time to check out the headlines on the current issue of the always fair and balanced World Weekly News. It seems Hillary’s space alien lover has landed in jail after getting into a fistfight with Bill Clinton.

I honestly don’t see how the Right can continue to say the Clintons just have a marriage of political convenience. How could he be willing to go mano a tentacle-o with some thing possessed of god only knows what superpowers unless he really loves her?

I had to put the paper back before I could find out if the batboy was in any way involved in the fight. Though in my experience, flight-endowed mutants usually manage to rise above such behavior.

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