Monday, August 18, 2003

Great days to miss
So what did I miss during the last five days?

Fair and balanced Friday Well I like to think I’m a fair and balanced kind of guy. I think that that should be self-evident to anyone who isn’t a completely blind right-wing poop head with bad taste in women, whiskey, and cigars (I exempt all blind right-wing poop head women from that comment; they have bad taste in men).

The great blackout of ‘03 Cue theme music and special graphics. My favorite part was where the commander in chief of the free world was able to instantly announce that even though we don’t know what caused the outage, it wasn’t terra’ists and it was the infrastructure. So how long before he manages to give lots of our money to Cheney’s friends in the power industry.

Earlier last week—before the great blackout of ’03—a question occurred to me: has there been a single deregulation in the last twenty years that has worked out to the advantage of consumers and people employed in that industry? Banking? Airlines? Power utilities? Broadcast news?

Judge “Ten Commandments” Moore Roy Moore has sworn to defy the Appeals court order to remove his illegal monument from the lobby of the Alabama Supreme Court. Moore continues to use segregation era states’ rights arguments to make his case. Over the weekend, Rev. Jerry Falwell and failed presidential candidates Alan Keyes and Howard Phillips joined about 4,000 Moore supporters protesting in Montgomery. Moore punished them by reading his poetry. Meanwhile, it is the taxpayers of Alabama who will have to pay the contempt fines and legal fees for Moore’s defiance, not Falwell, Keyes, and Phillips.

Clark insults DeLay’s hair And about time, too. I really hope Clark runs; I think he could add a lot to the discourse. His criticism of the administration’s security and military policies will carry a lot of weight. And, of course, I approve of anybody who’ll take a slap at DeLay.

The passing of VD Amin I was taught you should only speak good of the dead. Idi Amin is dead. Good!

California recall circus Everybody who seriously follows politics feels that their state government makes an unprofessional spectacle of itself and that the rest of the country is laughing at them. The truth usually is that state governments are almost by definition unprofessional spectacles and no one pays attention to local politics in other states. There are two exceptions to this rule: California and Texas. We really are all laughing at you.

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