Monday, August 11, 2003

Another blow for freedom
The small town of Tonasket in Okanogan County, north-central Washington, has become the latest jurisdiction to just say No to the Partriot Act. Okanogan County is deeply conservative in the western libertarian mold. That makes their defiance all the more significant. It is also practically within spitting distance of my cat-filled hideaway in the senic northwest. Now I know where to go hide when the crackdown comes.
The resolution is very well written, I especially like the final section:
Section 5. The Tonasket City Council believes it is the duty of every citizen to protect and defend the State and Federal Constitutions from all enemies — foreign and domestic — and to demonstrate outspoken respect for the Rights that have been paid for with the blood and sweat of the American People throughout our history.

Take that, John Ashcroft.

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