Friday, July 11, 2003

Tenet falls on his sword
This story is evolving almost faster than I can keep track. The latest is that Tenet is volunteering to say it’s all his fault for not pushing loudly enough to keep Bush from using the bovine fertilizer Niger uranium claim in the State of the Union Address. Josh Marshall, who is always ahead of me on these things, asks one of the right questions: if Tenet is to blame for not pushing hard enough, whom was he pushing against? It also presents a pretty ridiculous version of just where the buck stops; it’s actually Willy Wonka’s fault that girl got turned into a blueberry because he didn’t cry “don’t” loud enough. And it completely misses the most important question of all: just what is the proper adjectival form of Niger? It’s not “Nigerian.” Nigeric? Nigeronian? Since the inhabitants are mostly brown Muslims, I'm some must think it's Nigerstani. I'll go with Nigerois.

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