Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Bad numbers for fearless leader
Reuters reports that a new poll has Bush's approval rating back below sixty percent. A Quinnipiac University survey has him falling back to 57 on worries about the economy. This is exactly where he was last February. By the time his war gave him a boost he was headed for 50 and showing no sign of slowing. It will be interesting to see what kind of cheap trick Rove dreams up to boost the leader-of-the-free-world's numbers and give him a chance to look leader-like. Three wars in as many years is probably more than the public would buy (but three wars in four out next summer). No one seems impressed by his "tax relief" except people who were already donating the maximum allowed to his reelection campaign. His sweep through the Middle East doesn't seem to have brought a lasting and equitable peace to Israel/Palestine. What will they do?

UpdateTwo more polls, Zogby and Christian Science Monitor, just came out with the same results. Even though I know there will probably be a couple of cycles of up and down between now and the election, I am enjoying this moment.

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