Monday, May 19, 2003

We won't have Ari Fleisher to kick around any more
... and I, for one, am disappointed. Don't get me wrong; I hate the guy. Few public figures are as guaranteed to evoke from me that inarticulate cry that means "how do they get away with this? Why don't people SEE?!?" (This is the eternal battle cry of the opposition.) It is this very cry that makes me sad to see him go. Fleisher was such a rude and condescending, bald-faced liar that people were starting to see.

We could argue that I really don't know Ari Fleisher, that these traits I hated were merely him faithfully communicating his boss's attitudes. That's valid, but it's also irrelevant to why I wanted him to stay. I had great hope that Fleisher would provoke a revolt among the White House press corps and that a hostile press corps would be a major element in the failure of Bush's election plans. Now I have to count on the Democrats to win this alone. Pooh.

Oh well. All we can do is hope they appoint an equally obnoxious boob in his place.

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