Thursday, May 29, 2003

Not over yet
Yesterday Off the Kuff said he thinks the DeLay/Killer D's story might be about to peter out without developing into the full-blown scandal I was hoping for. At the time it looked like he might have been right. One of the four investigations of the brou-ha-ha appeared about to close without any interesting revelations, the other three had been quiet for a few days, and, despite Josh Marshall's best efforts (here and here), the press outside Texas was showing no interest in following up.

It's still too soon to give up. The very investigation that appeared to be closing without action is now reporting "significant" developments in the works. Once Texas state representative Kevin Bailey's committee investigation finally got the surveilance tapes they requested from the Texas Department of Public Safety, they failed to find the links between Tom DeLay and the investigation that they were looking for, but instead discovered republican governor Rick Perry and Assistant Attorney General Jay Kimbrough, the Texas Homeland Security Czar, visiting the investigators. Bailey will probably reveal the new developments tomorrow, though he hinted that it may involve the DPS no longer being willing to go along with the Republican's assertion that any wrong doing was the fault of over-zealous DPS staff and not the Republican leadership. Said Bailey: "I was told the DPS felt like they were puppets. That was their exact words. They felt they were being manipulated throughout."

Stay tuned.

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