Monday, April 28, 2003

Why I love Molly Ivins
Molly Ivins has the straight dope on the latest bad idea from the GOP. Like most of their bad ideas this one comes with a warm and fuzzy sounding name that completely hides its anti-worker nature. The Senate version is the Family Time and the House version is the Workplace Flexibility Act and the Family Time Flexibility Act. They have the same purpose: to get rid of the forty-hour workweek and eliminate overtime pay for millions of workers.

The new rules would:
  • Allow employers to recategorize certain employees as exempt.
  • Remove overtime protection for entire categories of industry (aerospace, defense, health care, and high tech).
  • Allow employers to require workers to take comp time in lieu of overtime pay.
  • Allow employers to delay payment of overtime for up to thirteen months, giving the employers, in effect, a forced loan from their workers.

Yes, this is just another example of the Bush administration liberating us from those stifling regulations that the liberal bureaucrats have used to oppress us for so long. Thanks fellas.

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