Friday, April 04, 2003

I hate it when this happens
Wednesday my wife and I were staying home with a head cold (yes, one head cold. Two heads, one head cold, it's that kind of a marriage). I was online reading the blogs through my snot-clouded brain. I thought, since I'm not capable of nuanced socio-political thought, this would be a good day to write about my choice of blog title: why Archie. I went and got my most recent copy of Archy and Mehitabel. At this point the love of my life walked up, looked over my shoulder at the blog masthead, and said, "isn't Archy spelled with a 'Y'?"

"What?" I inquired, in the spirit of intellectual discourse. "Oh crap!" I conceded.

And so, my friends, as we sadly go to our blogroles to remove the late and lamented "Left in the West," please take a moment to correct the spelling of Archy. It is spelled with a 'Y.'

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