Friday, December 17, 2010

How much would you pay for these handsome Tiki heads?

Each miniature head has been lovingly carved by hand from a distinctive wood without the use of power tools.

Mahogany and pine

Each head is a 100% authentic representation of my impression of mid-twentieth century, American, fake Poynesian, Tiki lounge culture. Now, what would you pay?

But wait! There's more!

Cleverly hidden within each Tiki head is a fully functional USB flash drive.

And when you plug the drive into your computer, the drive's LED shines in the Tiki's mouth!!

What would you pay, now?!?

Really. What would you pay? I have no idea how to price my own work. If there's any money in it, I have a bunch of other ideas for cool flash drives.


Anonymous said...

I know this is an old posting. but are you still making these tiki drives. I think they are great, and I some folks who are really into this stuff (possible Xmas gifts). did you ever determine a price?

Denise Spear

John McKay said...

I was forced to move into a smaller place a few months ago and put most of my stuff in storage. However, I have been thinking of getting my small tools out of storage and making more of the drives (I really need a hobby that gets me away from the computer for a few hours each day). If you'd like, I could drop you a line when I have a couple new ones.

Anonymous said...

yes please these are great.

Shane Gallagher said...

I would love to place a bulk order for these beautiful Tiki Heads. I am releasing an album with my band and we would love to order 50-100 as a nice souvenir to release it on. Are these tikis still available?

Shane Gallagher said...
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John McKay said...

Shane Gallagher, I would love to discus this with you. These were my first experiments, so it would be insanely expensive to buy 100 unique Tiki drives like these, but if we could agree on a couple of standard designs and materials it would be much cheaper. Contact me at if you want to talk.

Denise Spear said...

Still drooling over your tiki drives....please update if you make any or wish to.

Denise Spear