Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sylvia Browne is the worst person in the world

I think the story of the three women in Cleveland who were rescued after ten years of captivity is pretty wonderful in a "wonderful relief after being pretty horrible" sort of way. In looking for some instant background to fill out their stories, most of the press has mentioned the fact that Amada Berry's mother died a few years after she vanished, brokenhearted, believing her daughter was dead. If they had followed that sideline a little further they would have discovered a truly disgusting element in it.

Like any parent, Louwana Miller was desperate for any news about her daughter, any tiny glimmer of hope. When all the authorities could tell he was that they were still hunting, she eventually turned to less orthodox sources for information and encouragement. A year and a half after Amanda's disappearance  Louwana Miller appeared on an episode of Montel Williams’ syndicated talk show with the self-proclaimed psychic, Sylvia Browne. In front of the live and broadcast audiences, Browne told Miller, "She’s not alive, honey."

Miller was devastated  She took down her daughter's pictures, cleaned out her room, and gave away many of her belongings. When she died a few years later, her friends said it was of a broken heart.

Browne is a complete and utter fraud. Every year she plays the odds by predicting that some Hollywood couple will have marital problems and that there be hurricanes during the hurricane season, along with some other vague predictions. At the beginning of the following year, she cherry picks the two or three things she guessed right and announces them as proof of her amazing powers. Most of the time, this is pretty harmless entertainment. Other times it's a cruel deception. This was one of those times.

Browne was, once again, playing the odds. In the majority of cases, abductees are killed within a few days of their disappearance  The longer they are missing, the closer the odds of their safe return approach zero. Missing teenagers are often runaways and can turn up months or years later. But, the abduction Gina DeJesus from the same location a year later made it extremely likely that she had been the victim of a serial killer and that both women had been raped, killed, and buried in shallow graves. Browne played the odds. In this case, she could be confident that time would prove her guess correct, that her bluntness could be portrayed as a tough love type of kindness in telling Amanda's mother to stop mourning and get on with her life.

This time, Browne's gamble didn't pay off. She needs to pay the casino and she needs pay big. Sylvia Browne is not just a fraud, she's a callous and cruel fraud and needs to be labeled as such. Today, Sylvia Browne is the worst person in the world.


The Ridger, FCD said...

Amen, John. No two ways about it.

jadedj said...

Charlatan, pure and simple. And to add to her sleaziness...she's doing it for money.

Anonymous said...

She is pure trash and makes millions for it; someone needs to hold her responsible for her fraud and lies.

GDad said...

There is a web site dedicated to spreading the truth about her lies. It's called Stop Sylvia Browne.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe in a psychic believe in god. This is proof that a psychic is evil and will tell you what ever they think they will get away with and hope the truth never comes to light. At least until they take the money and run!!!! Believe in a psychic and you will always be let down!!!! Believe in god and you shall never be let down!!!!!

Kate Darlington said...
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Kate Darlington said...

She needs to be stopped.
She told my friend that her twin sister was dead. Well, she was wrong.
My friend found her sister 2 years later, alive and well.
I hope SB slinks away in shame and stays away!

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Browne, along with other "psychics" such as John Edward, are despicable, soulless human beings without a conscience. They make a fortune by targeting and tormenting the emotionally vulnerable. As if this wasn't cruel enough, she also tells these poor people that their child is dead. She profits from the grief of others and has "consulted" with law enforcement on several occasions- misleading and derailing an investigation with a real person's life at stake, wasting investigators' time and making law enforcement pursue her bullshit when they could be somewhere else running down real, factual leads. As if that wasn't enough, shortly after telling Amanda Berry's mother to her face that her daughter is dead, her mother became so ruined with this information that shattered her hope, that she died at age 44 from the grief. Sylvia Browne didn't just lie, she literally killed this woman.

Anonymous said...

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