Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Suspicious similarities

Joseph Farah, publisher of the ultra-right World Net Daily wrote an editorial last week about the amazing similarities between Hitler and Obama. As shocking and explosive as his revelations were, I think he missed some important parallels. Fortuanately, I'm here to fill the gap.
  • Hitler was born in a different country (Austria) than the one he ruled (Germany. Obama was born in Hawaiokenyastan.
  • Hitler had dark hair. Obama has dark hair.
  • Hitler was a (National) socialist. Sothern Republicans think Obama is a socialist.
  • Hitler had a dog. Obama has a dog.
  • Hitler's followers wore brown shirts. Obama's friend, Al Gore, wore a brown suit.
  • Hitler didn't smoke. Obama is tring to quit smoking.
  • Hitler fought a two front war in Europe. Obama is fighting two wars in Asia.
  • Hitler was a crazy rightwinger. Obama drives rightwingers crazy.
  • Hitler's mother was a white woman. Obama's mother was a white woman.
  • Hitler wrote a book. Obama wrote a book.
  • Hitler had a beer hall putsch. Obama had a beer summit.


Breaking news: The ties between Hitler and Obama run deeper than we ever suspected.

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