Monday, May 05, 2008

Teacher Fired for Wizardry

A substitute teacher in Florida who performed a simple slight of hand trick to entertain his students has been fired amid accusations of wizardry.
Substitute teacher Jim Piculas does a 30-second magic trick where a toothpick disappears then reappears.

But after performing it in front of a classroom at Rushe Middle School in Land 'O Lakes, Piculas said his job did a disappearing act of its own.

"I get a call the middle of the day from head of supervisor of substitute teachers. He says, 'Jim, we have a huge issue, you can't take any more assignments you need to come in right away,'" he said.

When Piculas went in, he learned his little magic trick cast a spell and went much farther than he'd hoped.

"I said, 'Well Pat, can you explain this to me?' 'You've been accused of wizardry,' [he said]. Wizardry?" he asked.

Tampa Bay's [Channel] 10 talked to the assistant superintendent with the Pasco County School District who said it wasn't just the wizardry and that Piculas had other performance issues, including "not following lesson plans" and allowing students to play on unapproved computers."

Notice that they don't deny that wizardry was part of it.

Texas and Kansas are falling behind in the annual competition among school systems for the title of laughing stock of the nation. At this point even Congolese penis thieves are laughing at Florida.

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