Thursday, May 08, 2008

Speaking of conspiracy nuts...

On Fox News' The Live Desk Christine O'Donnell, a Republican running in Delaware for Joe Biden's Senate seat says:
Well, keep in mind that Barack Obama is a time bomb. We have no idea what's going to happen between now and the convention. He is so far to the left, pushing for things -- Well, we can take a look at what he stands for. He and my opponent Biden are pushing for this global tax that would require America to pay tax to the UN So, as we take a closer look at him --

That tax will be used to buy more black helicopters for the day when Canadian troops working for the UN and NAFTA swoop down to confiscate all our guns and nationalize the white women. Paying taxes to the UN is classic Pavlovian code for surrendering US sovereignty and establishing a world government. I know nothing about O'Donnell, so I can't say whether she is intentionally ringing the conspiracy bell or if she is just stupidly repeating something she heard. In either case, this is not someone who should be allowed into a position of authority.

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