Sunday, May 25, 2008

Libertarians nominate Bob Barr

The Libertarian Party has nominated former Republican congressman Bob Barr as their standard bearer for the 2008 presidential race. It took six ballots for him to muster a majority. Barr beat former Democrat Mike Gravel and four real Libertarians to get the nomination. He will be the first nationally known candidate (outside Libertarian circles) they've ever had. I'm not sure that will help them. A lot of the Libertarian faithful think Barr is too Republican. On the other hand, he might get enough press time to attract a few votes get some of the small "L" libertarians who are still disappointed that Ron Paul isn't running to look at the Party. As a disaffected Republican, he could do some real damage to McCain. If Howard Dean and the Democrats are on the ball, they should be lobbying the networks to include Barr in the debates.

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