Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wait until Bill hears about this

Bill O'Reilly and the Europe hating Christmas warriors over at Fox News are going to blow a gasket when they hear about this.
A German advent calendar for children has become a hot seller since word got out it has a picture of a notorious serial killer on it.

The cartoon calendar shows Fritz Haarmann, who murdered 24 young men and boys in the 1920s, lurking under a tree with a hatchet next to the door for December 1. Below him, Santa Claus hands out presents to children in a festive-looking Hanover.

The calendar, which raises funds for a charity for children with cancer, is based on the theme of local Hanoverian celebrities and also features the philosopher Gottfried Leibniz and the band The Scorpions. Although this is the second year that calendar has featured Haarmann, it is the first time it has enjoyed this kind of notoriety. The sales are primarily due to the national newspaper Bild which published an article questioning whether the killer's inclusion was in good taste. The charity has been getting orders from all over Germany and Austria and expects the print run to sell out soon. f the Fox News gang joins in and condemns it, they might have an international best seller on their hands.

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