Friday, November 30, 2007

Not all reactions can be intelligent

Now that everyone is safe in Rochester, NH, let's look around to see what kind of silliness the situation created. First, let's look at the people who are supposed to keep us informed. Kos diarist GenWhy caught this one early in the crisis. This is Mike Memoli on MSNBC.
As people- they are concerned about terrorism nationally; but they never think it’s going to happen in their back yard. But here- not that this is terrorism, of course; this is a domestic situation. But people don’t expect this kind of- you know- crime, or any sort of situation here.

It's not terrorism unless it's a swarthy foreigner.

MSNBC appears to keep it's best intellectual talent on the day shift. Media Matters caught Patty Culhane with this extended waste of oxygen.
And that's going to be an interesting political dilemma for Senator Clinton. Because, as you know, the policy of this country is that they do not negotiate with terrorists. And so the question is going to be, does she pick up the phone, does she engage in dialogue with this person, or does she let the police and the FBI handle it?

Obviously, just speaking with someone doesn't necessarily mean that they're negotiating, but if this person wants to speak directly to Senator Clinton, that puts her in a very tough political position that people will be judging her on. Does she pick up the phone, does she make that call to try and help her campaign staffers?

Americans want the kind of leaders who would have ignored the police and the FBI, gone in there, and personally wrestled the hostage-taker to the ground while making wisecracks.

I've already mentioned the trolls over at ABC. They have now been joined by concern trolls.
I was leaning toward Sen. Clinton. But this incident raises disturbing questions. if this candidate cannot provide security for her own campaign workers, how can we expect her to provide security for America? Based on this incident, perhaps Clinton should consider withdrawing her candidacy for President.
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Who thinks larryrowbelt was really planning on voting for Hillary? Who believes in the Easter Bunny? Hmmm. Same crowd.

Gavin at Sadly, No! checked on the Freepers so we wouldn't have to. Their reaction is pretty much what you would expect.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if some rabid Clinton supporter pushed some whack job to do this”

I think you’re right. My friends and are at work are saying that if it’s a plant, they most likely threatened him to release photos or some such, and promised him he’d be okay. In real life, I think this guy will have to end up having his brains blown out. You watch. He won’t be allowed to live. Mark my words. They couldn’t leave him alive to talk. He will be dead soon.

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Add your favorites to the comments. Maybe we can have a contest for the most deranged reaction.

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