Monday, November 19, 2007

Giuliani Beating McCain in Arizona

According to a new poll, Rudy Giuliani has a slight edge over John McCain in McCain's home state, Arizona. The Behavior Research Center's poll (PDF) shows Giuliani with 20% among Republicans and McCain with 18%. That's all very headline worthy and a very bad narrative for McCain, but the the more interesting message from my perspective is that "None of the above" is handily kicking both of their behinds with 32%. The Republican base just are not fired up about this election.

Meanwhile, Clinton is the clear favorite in the Democratic primary with 44%. Ironically, Clinton-hatred is the one thing that might overcome Republican apathy. All of the Republicans are already running against her with the message "I'm the only one who chan stop the Clintons!" The worst thing we could do to the Republican noise machine would be to nominate Dodd and throw them into confusion.

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