Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paul Hill Days update

As you might have noticed over the last two days, this creepy event has gotten under my skin. I suppose we can thank Rev. Donald Spitz official apologist for the Army of God for making it personal. I'm going to follow this until the stunt is complete. Here are my thoughts today.

On my personal front, yesterday was the best trafficked day on archy so far this year. I suppose I owe Rev. Spitz a special thanks for that. Unfortunately, I don't know how to spell a Bronx cheer.

When PZ linked to me yesterday, Google had eight hits for "Paul Hill Days." I was one, my source, Fredrick Clarkson on Talk to Action was one, the terrorist apologists themselves were one (no link), and PZ was another. There were no hits on Google News. Today, there are 255 hits on Google, but still none on Google News. If you want to do something and don't have a blog, write to your paper, donate to your local Planned Parenthood or other women's clinic, or go to Milwaukee for the inevitable counter protests. When I know who's organizing them, I'll post the relevant contact information. I'm unemployed and almost two thousand miles away so I can't be there, but I hope others closer or richer will attend and pass on their observations. I'll post them.

At this point, the lack of media coverage is inexcusable; these terrorist apologists need to be held up to scorn. By the same token, church condemnations are especially valuable and need to be publicized. For thirty years, the most vile theocrats have claimed to speak for all Christianity in America. Whenever secularists or liberals have accepted their claim and condemned "Christians" for legal crimes like doctor killing or cultural crimes like forcing creationism back into our schools, the vast majority of moderate Christians have rallied to the side of the extremists. All because they have successfully played everyone to the left of Tomas de Torquemada in their semantic game. This is a perfect opportunity for secularists, liberals, and mainstream Christians to rally together, but only if the mainstream Christians will be brave enough to point out than not everyone who claims the mantle of Christ is entitled to it. Assassins are not defenders of Christ--not Christ the philosopher, not Christ the prophet, not Christ the son of God--they are corrupters and pretenders. For the last few years, we have endlessly heard cries that Democrats and liberals must embrace the language of faith. Now is the moment when the faithful must embrace moderation and American values and show that the alliance is an honest one.

So, write to your paper, nag your pastor (this Sunday is their only chance), and go to Milwaukee if you can. Don't make me start singing sixties protest songs at you. I know all the lyrics and I'm not afraid to use them.

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